Akhmad Unggul Priantoro

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The proliferation of enterprise wireless network raises the security concern in any organization despite the unarguable benefits it brings about. At the same time, the initiatives to migrate from IPv4 (Internet Protocol version four) to IPv6 (Internet Protocol version six) is gaining momentum across the globe to resolve the IP address depletion problem as(More)
Antenna verification, i.e., verification of the actual antenna weights of the dedicated physical channel (DPCH) is indispensable to closed loop transmit diversity mode I (CL-TD) dictated in 3GPP specification for WCDMA FDD. The accuracy of which is largely determined by the dedicated pilot power of corresponding DPCH. Transmitting the dedicated pilot(More)
The scalable video coding H.264/SVC is the video coding standard which is an extension of H.264/AVC. Because of its scalability, H.264/SVC has gained a great interest in video transmission. Partial bit stream can be transmitted and decoded by the H.264/SVC in order to provide quality in lower temporal or spatial resolutions or reduced fidelity while(More)
A mobile robot for exploring disaster area in tropical region has been developed. It has capability to travel over a rough irregular terrain within disaster area and capable of performing a range of functions such as collecting samples and capturing images from the disaster scene. Furthermore, the robot is equipped with solar panel for extending the(More)
OFDMA is the preferred multiple access technique to provide high data rate services in mobile environment due its resilience against multipath propagation impairment and flexibility to provide multi-rate data services. However, it also has issue with susceptibility to ICI (inter-carrier interference) caused by frequency offset and Doppler spread due to(More)
This paper discusses the implementation of IPv6 address generation/assignment mechanism proposed in [1] in Dibbler DHCPv6. In the mechanism, each user is assigned with random address which uniquely allocated for his/her exclusive use. It is shown that it can be incorporated into existing Dibbler software and tested under various network topologies. The(More)
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