Akhilesh Sharma

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The paper proposes a dynamic thresholding based image processing technique for the detection of hemorrhages in retinal images. The algorithm uses the information about color and size of hemorrhages as a tool for classifying hemorrhages from other dark lesions present in the retinal images. The algorithm uses the concepts of contrast enhancement, background(More)
DC motors have a very fine speed control characteristics and so are widely used in various industrial applications. Their performance can be optimised, if along with fine speed control a motor can be made energy efficient. In this paper an attempt is made to achieve the speed control at the condition of maximum efficiency for a separately excited DC motor(More)
In the present time PC system is taken as the center part of different innovation bolstered ranges, for example, managing an account segment, crisis frameworks and correspondence zones. With this expansion in system utilization the sort of information insurance required to make the framework secure is likewise serving as a testing errand. It incorporates(More)
This article investigates a new mechanism to design moving sequencer based atomic broadcast in distributed systems. There are two very crucial observations have been drawn from [1], (i) fixed sequencer based atomic broadcast mechanisms are build upon either unicast broadcast (UB) or broadcast broadcast (BB) or unicast unicast broadcast (UUB) variant and(More)
It additionally makes the representation of assault conditions by making the diagrams and plots which enormously enhances the rate and the quality measures of persons or machines choice making. This work is using so as to go to distinguish the real system status different measurements of the premise of which precise choices can be made. Basically the work(More)
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