Akhilesh Kumar Shrivas

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Due to increased bandwidth and strong infrastructure available for accessing internet, internet users are growing rapidly. Internet users frequently use e-mail for fast data communication of audio, vedio and textual data but at the same time they are facing problem due to unwanted e-mail known as spam e-mail. In order to filter this unwanted e-mail, a(More)
Information security is extremely critical issues for every organization to protect information from unauthorized access. Intrusion detection system has one of the important roles to prevent data or information from malicious behaviours. Basically Intrusion detection system is a classifier that can classify the data as normal or attacks. In this research(More)
Application of Internet is increasing rapidly in almost all the domains including online transaction and data communication, due to which cases of attacks are increasing rapidly. Also security of information in victim computer is an important need, which requires a security wall for identification and prevention of attacks in form of intrusion detection(More)
The feature selection approach provides improved prediction and minimizes the computation time. Due to the higher numbers of features the understanding of the data in pattern recognition becomes difficult sometimes. That's why researchers have used different feature selection techniques with the single classifiers in their intrusion detection system to(More)
With the rapid development of Internet, e-mail has become effective means of communication to share information. Through e-mail, we can send text messages, images, audio and video clips across the world within a fraction of time. In recent years, e-mail users are facing problem due to spam e-mails. Spam e-mails are unsolicited commercial/bulk e-mails sent(More)
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