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BACKGROUND Season of birth influences allergy risk; however, the biological mechanisms underlying this observation are unclear. The environment affects DNA methylation, with potentially long-lasting effects on gene expression and disease. This study examined whether DNA methylation could underlie the association between season of birth and allergy. (More)
Background High throughput methods such as microarray and DNA-methylation are used to measure the transcriptional variation due to exposures, treatments, phenotypes or clinical outcomes in whole blood, which could be confounded by the cellular heterogeneity [1,2]. Several algorithms have been developed to measure this cellular heterogeneity. However, it is(More)
The prevalence of eczema is increasing in industrialized nations. Limited evidence has shown the association of DNA methylation (DNA-M) with eczema. We explored this association at the epigenome-scale to better understand the role of DNA-M. Data from the first generation (F1) of the Isle of Wight (IoW) birth cohort participants and the second generation(More)
Whole blood is frequently utilized in genome-wide association studies of DNA methylation patterns in relation to environmental exposures or clinical outcomes. These associations can be confounded by cellular heterogeneity. Algorithms have been developed to measure or adjust for this heterogeneity, and some have been compared in the literature. However, with(More)
BACKGROUND In utero arsenic exposure may alter fetal developmental programming by altering DNA methylation, which may result in a higher risk of disease in later life. We evaluated the association between in utero arsenic exposure and DNA methylation (DNAm) in cord blood and its influence in later life. METHODS Genome-wide DNA methylation in cord blood(More)
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