Akhilesh K. Sharma

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Salivary diagnostics has fascinated many researcheres and has been tested as a valuable tool in the diagnosis of many systemic conditions and for drug monitoring. Advances in the field of molecular biology, salivary genomics and proteomics have led to the discovery of new molecular markers for oral cancer diagnosis, therapeutics and prognosis. Oral cancer(More)
Myiasis is a rare disease caused by invasion of tissue by larvae of certain dipteran flies. It is more common in countries with tropical climate. Oral myiasis is not a very common condition and many clinicians are unaware of its diagnosis. Common predisposing factors are poor oral hygiene, halitosis, trauma, senility, learning disabilities, physically and(More)
The array of diagnostic workup for pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO) generally revolves in searching for infections, inflammatory/autoimmune, and endocrine etiologies. A differential diagnosis of fever, hemolytic anemia, and thrombocytopenia can have etiologies varying from infections like malaria, dengue, cytomegalovirus, Ebstein barr virus, Parvovirus,(More)
With the rapid growth of online information there is growing need for tools that help in finding filtering and managing the high dimensional data. text classification is a supervised learning task whose goal is to classify document into the predefined categories. Phases involved in text classification are collecting data set, preprocessing, stemming, and(More)
Rapid population growth has evolved the big problem of limited fresh water supply in the world and the wastewater treatment is the only recycling process which can overcome this problem. Technology advancement has led us to the nanotechnology which is having tremendous scope for wastewater treatment. Nanoadsorbents, magnetic nanoparticles, nanofiltration,(More)
This article investigates a new mechanism to design moving sequencer based atomic broadcast in distributed systems. There are two very crucial observations have been drawn from [1], (i) fixed sequencer based atomic broadcast mechanisms are build upon either unicast broadcast (UB) or broadcast broadcast (BB) or unicast unicast broadcast (UUB) variant and(More)
In the present time PC system is taken as the center part of different innovation bolstered ranges, for example, managing an account segment, crisis frameworks and correspondence zones. With this expansion in system utilization the sort of information insurance required to make the framework secure is likewise serving as a testing errand. It incorporates(More)
Dengue infection is the leading cause of illness and death in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The common complications associated with dengue fever are usual hematological abnormalities, shock, and organ failure. The neurological complications of dengue are uncommon. However, evidence of dengue virus neurotropism and complications has been(More)
In this study, a novel technique for static index pruning based on document relevance with chi square scoring is presented. The term presents in the document are score using the chi-square statistical method. It takes into account the term's occurrences and the expected frequency in the document. The expected frequency is estimated by the term's entropy and(More)