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In this paper, we present the modeling, simulation and signal processing of Doppler radar for heart beat and reparation sensing. Distance dependency of accuracy of heart and respiration signal from radar output is investigated and verified through simulation. The model is experimentally validated with commercially available motion detector DNO-341. The(More)
In this paper the enhancement in heat transfer has been studied for the forced convection condensation of R-22 saturated vapor inside a tube in presence of twisted tape inserts. The test-condenser is constituted by four testsections connected in series. Each test-section has inside diameter of 12.7 mm and the length of 950 mm. Three twisted tape inserts(More)
CSM-CROPGRO-Cotton Model under DSSAT v4.6 has been extensively tested and validated in many studies, mainly in United States. The objective of this study was to test and validate this model in Telangana state of India for dynamic simulation of development, growth and seed cotton yield of two cotton cultivars (MRC 7201 and WGCV 48) under varied plant(More)
Forecasting of wind distribution of a landfalling Tropical Cyclone (TC) is definitely an operational challenge. It is of great importance since the circulation of a TC making landfall would inflict huge losses and widespread damage on the coastal areas. As outlined in Willoughby et al. (2005a), one of the priorities of US Weather Research Program on TC is(More)
Government College of Pharmacy, Amravati NRI Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Bhopal-462010 Department of Pharmacy, Government Polytechnic, Amravati Corresponding Author: manojudps@rediffmail.com Abstract A simple, sensitive and reproducible reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatographic (RPHPLC) method has been developed for the quantitative(More)
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