Akhila Gundu

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Trusted applications frequently execute in tandem with untrusted applications on personal devices and in cloud environments. Since these co-scheduled applications share hardware resources, the latencies encountered by the untrusted application betray information about whether the trusted applications are accessing shared resources or not. Prior studies have(More)
Multiple virtual machines (VMs) are typically co-scheduled on cloud servers. Each VM experiences different latencies when accessing shared resources, based on contention from other VMs. This introduces timing channels between VMs that can be exploited to launch attacks by an untrusted VM. This paper focuses on trying to eliminate the timing channel in the(More)
Security is a vital requirement in many high-end systems, especially those that make up modern cloud infrastructures. Cloud systems are vulnerable to many attacks, including those by untrusted cloud operators that have access to physical hardware. Memory authentication confirms that an attacker is not modifying the values being returned by the memory(More)
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