Akhil Muralidhar Kulkarni

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Prevalence of IgG antibodies to hepatitis E virus (IgG-anti-HEV) was determined among different animal species from India. Seropositivity varied from 4.4% to 6.9% in cattle, 54.6-74.4% in pigs and 2.1-21.5% in rodents. Of the 44 dogs screened, 10 were positive (22.7%). None of the 250 goat sera tested were found to be anti-HEV positive. Among rodents, over(More)
Buffalopox is an emerging and re-emerging zoonotic viral infection. The authors investigated an extensive zoonotic outbreak of buffalopox involving many human cases. High morbidity and significant productivity losses were recorded among domestic buffalo in Kolhapur (Maharashtra), India, between February and March 2009. The outbreak involved a total of 4000(More)
Serum zinc and levels of certain zinc containing enzymes like 'lactate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase, alkaline phosphatase and serum insulin were studied in twenty five normal and fifty non insulin dependent diabetics. Zinc estimation was done bp atomic absorption spectrophotometry, insulin by radioimmunoassay and the enzymes by kinetic method. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the baseline Widal titres in apparently healthy children in Davangere. METHODS Cross-sectional study was done on 250 children. Widal titers were found using tube agglutination test. RESULTS Out of 250,64.2% had a titre of less than 1:20,22.4% had a titre equal to 1:20,9.6% had a titre of 1:40 and 3.6% had a titre of 1:80 to 'O'(More)
We report on a patient with Adams-Oliver syndrome, a condition characterized by scalp and limb defects. In addition we noted in our patient a significant delay in the bone age and an abnormal distal phalanx in one of her fingers manifesting clinically as a broad finger tip. Both these features hitherto unreported add to the phenotypic spectrum of the(More)
To the Editor: A 17-y-old girl born to non-consanguineously married couple presented with bilateral, painless achillestendon swellings for 6 mo. She had normal birth and developmental history. She was operated for developmental cataract at 8 y of age. She did not have chronic diarrhea as a young child and had no history suggestive of nervous system(More)
A 4-year-old boy came with complains of swelling and ulcers on both the index fingers and left ankle joint and irregular fever for the past 8 months. There was no history of contact with tuberculosis or of any trauma. The child was wasted and stunted with open anterior fontanelle and dysmorphic features like hypertelorism, operated cleft lip and palate,(More)
OBJECTIVE The objectives of the study was to know whether the 'thinfat' phenotype exists in newborns, in Central Karnataka and to correlate various factors that contribute to this peculiar phenotype, with emphasis on genetic and maternal environmental factors. METHODS For 1000 consecutive singleton term newborns, weight, length, head, mid arm, abdominal(More)