Akem Kerouani

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Deformation analysis using 2-dimensional strain echocardiography can detect early systolic function abnormalities in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy. This study was designed to characterize global and regional myocardial deformation using 2-dimensional strain in professional soccer players (PSPs) compared with control subjects and patients with(More)
Harmonic power imaging (HPI) is a new echocardiographic modality that enhances the detection of contrast agents in the left ventricle. The endocardium can be delineated by conventional echocardiography using ultrasound contrast agents, although the images tend to be faint. The present study was designed to assess left ventricular volume using HPI after(More)
Power motion imaging (PMI) is a new Doppler imaging technology that can enhance contrast agent visualization. We hypothesized that PMI combined with Albunex injection (CPMI) could provide new insights into myocardial contractility and perfusion. In a first step, PMI signal was studied with an in vitro phantom. In a second step, PMI signal was studied in 10(More)
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