Ake Pilotti

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Microwave-assisted organic synthesis has revolutionized organic synthesis. Small molecules can be built in a fraction of the time required by classical thermal methods. As a result, this technique has rapidly gained acceptance as a valuable tool for accelerating drug discovery and development processes. This article outlines the basic principles behind(More)
Scope and limitations of the base-free oxidative Heck reaction with arylboronic acids have been explored. Under our conditions, the dmphen-palladium(II)-catalyzed arylation proceeded with air or p-benzoquinone as reoxidants of palladium(0). We found that ambient temperature and mild aerobic conditions allow for the use of substrates sensitive to(More)
Spatially addressable combinatorial libraries were synthesized by solution phase chemistry and screened for binding to human serum albumin. Members of arylidene diamide libraries were among the best hits found, having submicromolar binding affinities. The results were analyzed by the frequency with which particular substituents appeared among the most(More)
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