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Nanoparticles have been used for engineering composite materials to improve the intrinsic properties and/or add functionalities to pristine polymers. The majority of the studies have focused on the incorporation of spherical nanoparticles within the composite fibers. Herein, we incorporate anisotropic branched-shaped zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles into(More)
Engineering bone tissue requires the generation of a highly organized vasculature. Cellular behavior is affected by the respective niche. Directing cellular behavior and differentiation for creating mineralized regions surrounded by vasculature can be achieved by controlling the pattern of osteogenic and angiogenic niches. This manuscript reports on(More)
Prevention of postsurgery infection and promotion of biointegration are the key factors to achieve long-term success in orthopedic implants. Localized delivery of antibiotics and bioactive molecules by the implant surface serves as a promising approach toward these goals. However, previously reported methods for surface functionalization of the titanium(More)
BACKGROUND Viral protein-1 (VP1) is a major capsid protein of Coxsakievirus B3 (CVB3) that plays an important role in directing viruses towards permissive cells and acts as a main antigenic site of the virus in eliciting of host immune response, hence it seems VP1 can be considered as a vaccine candidate against CVB3 infection. In this study, cDNA of VP1(More)
In the post-genome age, proteomics is receiving significant attention because they provide an invaluable source of biological structures and functions at the protein level. The search for disease-specific biomarkers for diagnostic and/or therapeutic applications is one of the areas that proteomics is having a significant impact. Thus, the identification of(More)
Helicobacter pylori is responsible for worldwide chronic bacterial infection in humans affecting approximately half of the world’s population. H. pylori is associated with significant morbidity and mortality including gastric cancer. The infection has both direct and indirect impacts on economic and overall well-being of patients; hence, there is a great(More)
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