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Office of the President in March 2006, is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of religion and the promotion of interreligious understanding. Through research, teaching, and service, the Center examines religion as it relates to global challenges of international diplomacy, democracy and human rights, and economic and social development. Two premises(More)
AIMS Anecdotal observations suggest that sub-clinical electrophysiological manifestations of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) develop before detectable structural changes ensue on cardiac imaging. To test this hypothesis, we investigated a murine model with conditional cardiac genetic deletion of one desmoplakin allele (DSP ±) and(More)
Injection of the fluorescent tracers 10% Evans blue (EB) and 4% fluoro-gold (FG) into the right and the left dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus, respectively, of albino rats at different stages of development demonstrated the presence of double-labeled retinal ganglion cells that projected bilaterally into both the dorsal lateral geniculate nuclei (dLGN).(More)
BACKGROUND Two principal mechanisms are thought to be responsible for Brugada syndrome (BS): (1) right ventricular (RV) conduction delay and (2) RV subepicardial action potential shortening. This in vivo high-density mapping study evaluated the conduction and repolarization properties of the RV in BS subjects. METHODS AND RESULTS A noncontact mapping(More)
Injecting different fluorescent tracers into the right anterodorsal (AD)/anteroventral (AV) or AD/AV and the primary visual nuclei of dorsal lateral geniculate (dLGN) or superior colliculus (SC), a direct projection from the left retina to these anterior thalamic nuclei was ascertained in the central part of ventro-nasal retinal quadrant. Single-labeled(More)
We studied ipsilaterally projecting, double-labeled retinal ganglion cells that have bifurcating axons by retrograde fluorescent double-labeling in albino rats. Ten albino (Wistar, Japan Ceca) rats of either sex, weighing 350-400 g were used. With the rats in a state of deep anesthesia, we pressure-injected 0.02 microliter of 15% Evans blue (EB) into the(More)
We studied the neuronal populations that project their axons to the cingulate cortex in albino rats using the retrograde fluorescent dye of 4% Fluoro-Gold injected into the anterior, middle and posterior portions of the cingulate cortex. The result showed that the following ipsilateral structures are sending fibers to these three portions: the prefrontal(More)
There has been an abundance of research on the connections of the mammillary bodies but the projections from the lateral mammillary nucleus to the anterodorsal thalamic nucleus has remained a gray area due to a dearth of material which directly addresses the details of this pathway. This study seeks to further define the nature of this particular nerve(More)
The relationship between smoking and the risk of postoperative complications among anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) patients remains uncertain. We compared the postoperative complication rates following ACDF surgery among non-smokers, current smokers, and ever-smokers. Baseline and outcome data were obtained from the 2005- to 2014 American(More)
Bifurcating projections of retinal ganglion cells to the primary visual targets were studied in the cat using a retrograde fluorescent double-labeling technique with Fluoro-Gold (FG) and Evans Blue (EB) as the tracers. Following injections of FG and EB into the left and right lateral geniculate nuclei (LGN), or into the left and right superior colliculi(More)