Akbar Davoodi

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In this paper, we are interested inminimizing the sum of block sizes in a pairwise balanced design, where there are some constraints on the size of one block or the size of the largest block. For every positive integers n,m, wherem ≤ n, letS (n,m) be the smallest integer s for which there exists a PBD on n points whose largest block has sizem and the sum of(More)
The edge clique cover sum number (resp. edge clique partition sum number) of a graph G, denoted by scc(G) (resp. scp(G)), is defined as the smallest integer k for which there exists a collection of complete subgraphs of G, covering (resp. partitioning) all edges of G such that the sum of sizes of the cliques is at most k. By definition, scc(G) 5 scp(G).(More)
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