Akashnil Dutta

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We present a simple adaptation of the Lempel Ziv 78' (LZ78) compression scheme that supports efficient random access to the input string. The compression algorithm is given as input a parameter ε > 0, and with very high probability increases the length of the compressed string by at most a factor of (1 + ε). The access time is O(log n +(More)
In this paper a virtual instrumentation based electronic tongue has been described by applying the principles of cyclic voltammetry. The set up consists of a three electrode system. A triangular pulse was applied as the input from a data acquisition card via an amplification and level shifter circuit and the voltage equivalent of the output current from the(More)
Visualizing small changes that are often indiscernible to the human eye is an interesting challenge in video processing. Given that modern cameras have the ability to detect minute motions, processing video to amplify these motions can give significant insight. In order to understand what types of information we can extract we must first define what we mean(More)
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