Akash Ranjan

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An interactive web server is developed for predicting the potential binding sites and its target operons for a given regulatory protein in prokaryotic genomes. The program allows users to submit known or experimentally determined binding sites of a regulatory protein as ungapped multiple sequence alignments. It analyses the upstream regions of all genes in(More)
IdeR (iron-dependent regulator) is a key regulator of virulence factors and iron acquisition systems in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Despite the wealth of information available on IdeR-regulated genes of M.tuberculosis, there is still an underlying possibility that there are novel genes/pathways that have gone undetected, the identification of which could(More)
BACKGROUND Recent progress in computational methods for predicting physical and functional protein-protein interactions has provided new insights into the complexity of biological processes. Most of these methods assume that functionally interacting proteins are likely to have a shared evolutionary history. This history can be traced out for the protein(More)
BACKGROUND Cellular activities are governed by the physical and the functional interactions among several proteins involved in various biological pathways. With the availability of sequenced genomes and high-throughput experimental data one can identify genome-wide protein-protein interactions using various computational techniques. Comparative assessments(More)
b i b C G T A b i b i q f f ¦ Q Abstract We developed a user friendly software tool to identify the potential binding sites of any regulatory protein based on Shannon relative entropy method. Known DtxR binding sites of Corynebacterium diphtheriae (C. diphtheriae) were used to generate a position specific reference profile for DtxR which was used to(More)
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