Akash P Kansagra

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A manned mission to Mars requires advanced on-board medical capabilities to address medical incidents that may arise during long-duration interplanetary spaceflight. As this role does not exactly match that of any single specialty, the ideal choice of physician is not immediately obvious. In this work, we review the considerable challenges of providing(More)
Workflow interruptions in the health care delivery environment are a major contributor to medical errors and have been extensively studied within numerous hospital settings, including the nursing environment and the operating room, along with their effects on physician workflow. Less understood, though, is the role of interruptions in other highly(More)
Rapid growth in the amount of data that is electronically recorded as part of routine clinical operations has generated great interest in the use of Big Data methodologies to address clinical and research questions. These methods can efficiently analyze and deliver insights from high-volume, high-variety, and high-growth rate datasets generated across the(More)
BACKGROUND The role of catheter angiography in the diagnosis and management of traumatic cerebrovascular injury has evolved rapidly with advances in CT and MR angiography and continued development of endovascular techniques. OBJECTIVE To identify the modern spectrum of traumatic arterial injury encountered during catheter neuroangiography and to examine(More)
Balamuthia mandrillaris is a rare but increasingly recognized cause of amebic encephalitis, yet it remains poorly understood. The condition is almost universally fatal, and due to diagnostic difficulty, most cases are identified postmortem. The authors report a case of Balamuthia amebic encephalitis in a patient with combined variable immunodeficiency in(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Innovation and entrepreneurship in health care can help solve the current health care crisis by creating products and services that improve quality and convenience while reducing costs. MATERIALS AND METHODS To effectively drive innovation and entrepreneurship within the current health care delivery environment, academic(More)
We report the unusual case of a 45-year-old woman who presented with multiple episodes of small bowel obstruction. Initial exploratory lap-roscopy did not reveal an etiology of the obstruction. Subsequent upper endoscopy identified a non-obstructing gastric trichobezoar which could not be removed endoscopically but was not thought to be responsible for the(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Ongoing concerns over the rising cost of health care are driving large-scale changes in the way that health care is practiced and reimbursed in the United States. MATERIALS AND METHODS To effectively implement and thrive within this new health care delivery environment, academic medical institutions will need to modify financial(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Iatrogenic dissection is a known complication of cerebral angiography, but the clinical outcomes and optimal treatment of these patients is not well established. We sought to review our experience with cerebral angiography to determine the incidence of iatrogenic dissections along with clinical outcomes associated with a generally(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate the use of a noninvasive arterial spin labeling (ASL) MRI technique and evaluate vertebral artery (VA) territories in the brain. MATERIALS AND METHODS Vessel-encoded ASL was used to determine the territories of the left and right VAs in five healthy subjects. Territory maps were analyzed quantitatively by comparing the fractional(More)