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  • Akash Deep, Dietrich Domanski, Angelika Donaubauer
  • 2002
1 Household spending remained unexpectedly strong in the OECD area during the 2001 downturn. One explanation is that it was supported by rising real estate values and declining mortgage rates, mainly in the English-speaking countries. 2 Such resilience was particularly remarkable for the United States, where overall household wealth declined because of(More)
Circuit partitioning problem is a well known NP hard problem. The potential of Genetic Algorithm has been used to solve many computationally intensive problems (NP hard problems) because existing conventional methods are unable to perform the required breakthrough in terms of complexity, time and cost. This paper deals with the problem of partitioning of a(More)
Introduction Pediatric acute liver failure (PALF) is an aggressive clinical syndrome in which a previously healthy child rapidly loses hepatic function and can become critically ill within days [1,2]. The mortality rate has been reported as high as 70% without a liver transplant, which is the only curative treatment to date [3]. However, when the current(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Arterial carbon dioxide tension (PaCO2) is considered the gold standard for scrupulous monitoring in pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), but it is invasive, laborious, expensive, and intermittent. The study aims to explore when we can use end-tidal carbon dioxide tension (PETCO2) as a reliable, continuous, and noninvasive monitor of(More)
In mammals, seven members of the sirtuin protein family known as class III histone deacetylase have been identified for their characteristic features. These distinguished characteristics include the tissues where they are distributed or located, enzymatic activities, molecular functions, and involvement in diseases. Among the sirtuin members, SIRT3 has(More)
COURSE DESCRIPTION This introductory (but fast-paced) course provides a general survey of finance and investments. It emphasizes an intuitive, logically rigorous understanding of the theory and practice of financial markets, illustrating the concepts through examples and cases drawn from the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Topics covered include:(More)
In this paper attempt has been made to solve the farmers problems of getting suitable information required for cultivation. In this approach we use the ubiquitous learning to solve this problem. In this system the farmers could access the server and download problem solution in two modes through wireless communication devices in line with J2ME. It is very(More)
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