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  • Akash Deep, Dietrich Domanski, Angelika Donaubauer
  • 2002
1 Household spending remained unexpectedly strong in the OECD area during the 2001 downturn. One explanation is that it was supported by rising real estate values and declining mortgage rates, mainly in the English-speaking countries. 2 Such resilience was particularly remarkable for the United States, where overall household wealth declined because of(More)
INTRODUCTION Management of compound grade III fractures of both bone leg includes external stabilization for long period, followed by various soft tissue coverage procedures. Primary interlocking of tibia had been also done with variable results. External fixation for long time without any bone loss often leads to infected nonunion, loss of reduction, pin(More)
A label-free immunosensor based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy has been developed for the sensitive detection of a cardiac biomarker myoglobin (cMyo). Hydrothermally synthesized graphene quantum dots (GQDs) have been used as an immobilized template on screen printed electrodes for the construction of an impedimetric sensor platform. The(More)
This study was conducted in PICU of a teaching hospital to estimate the incidence of nosocomial infections, establish the clinical and bacteriological profile and identify probable exogenous source from the environment and personnel. 95 suspected cases of nosocomial infections were studied prospectively, identified as per the guidelines laid down by CDC.(More)
Circuit partitioning problem is a well known NP hard problem. The potential of Genetic Algorithm has been used to solve many computationally intensive problems (NP hard problems) because existing conventional methods are unable to perform the required breakthrough in terms of complexity, time and cost. This paper deals with the problem of partitioning of a(More)
In this research, we investigated the sorptive behavior of a mixture of 14 volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (four aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, p-xylene, and styrene), six C2-C5 volatile fatty acids (VFAs), two phenols, and two indoles) against three metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), i.e., MOF-5, Eu-MOF, and MOF-199 at 5 to 10 mPa VOC(More)
The present paper reports the assembly and pesticide sensing application of a nanometal organic framework [Cd(atc)(H2O)2]n ('atc'=2-aminoterephthalic acid). The assembly of the NMOF film has been achieved by sequential dipping of a 2-aminobenzylamine (2-ABA) modified indium tin oxide (ITO) slide in organic linker 'atc' and metal ion 'Cd(2+)' solutions. The(More)
The use of organophosphate pesticides (OPs) for pest control in agriculture has caused serious environmental problems throughout the world. OPs are highly toxic with the potential to cause neurological disorders in humans. As the application of OPs has greatly increased in various agriculture activities, it has become imperative to accurately monitor their(More)
In this study, the distribution of airborne iron (Fe), one of the most abundant heavy metals in the Earth's crust was investigated to describe the basic features of i'ts pollution in various urban locations. The spatiotemporal distribution of Fe concentrations in seven major South Korean cities exhibited unique patterns to reflect differences as to Fe(More)