Akansha Mehrotra

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— This paper presents an automatic method for exudate detection from colour fundus images based on Differential Morphological Profile (DMP).The detection of exudates is important for the identification of eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. The method involves of three main phases. In the first phase, pre processing tasks like Gaussian smoothing and(More)
On top of the many external perturbations, cellular oscillators also face intrinsic perturbations due the randomness of chemical kinetics. Biomolecular oscillators, distinct in their parameter sets or distinct in their architecture, show different resilience with respect to such intrinsic perturbations. Assessing this resilience can be done by ensemble(More)
— In this paper, an unsupervised change detection technique of multispectral images based on wavelet fusion and Kohonen Clustering Network is presented. The proposed method fuses absolute difference and change vector analysis image using wavelet fusion rules. The fused image highlights the changed areas while suppress unchanged areas. The Kohonen clustering(More)
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