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  • Sahil, Middha, +4 authors Seth G. L. Bihani
  • 2011
The recent scientific and patented literature concluded that an increased interest in novel dosage forms which retained in the stomach for prolong and predictable period of time has been shown. Various technological attempts have been made in the research and development of rate-controlled oral drug delivery systems to overcome physiological diversities, as(More)
We consider a repository of animation models and motions that can be reused to generate new animation sequences. For instance, a user can retrieve an animation of a dog kicking its leg (in air) and manipulate the result to generate a new animation where the dog is kicking a ball. In this particular example, inverse kinematics technique can be used to(More)
As animations become more readily available, simultaneously the complexity of creating animations has also increased. In this paper, we address the issue by describing an animation toolkit based on a database approach for reusing geometric animation models and their motion sequences. The aim of our approach is to create a framework aimed for novice(More)
This paper describes the Georgia Tech team’s approach to the CoNLL-2016 supplementary evaluation on discourse relation sense classification. We use long short-term memories (LSTM) to induce distributed representations of each argument, and then combine these representations with surface features in a neural network. The architecture of the neural network is(More)
A copper-catalyzed method for synthesis of diaryl ketones (Ar-CO-Ar') through removal of benzylic -CH2-, -CO-, and -CHR- groups from Ar-CO-CXR-Ar' has been discovered. A number of symmetrical and unsymmetrical heterocyclic ketones, which are usually difficult to synthesize, can be prepared in good to excellent yields. This method was applied to the(More)
Most cutting edge programming languages depend on exception for managing unusual situations. In spite of the fact that exception handling was a critical change over different components like checking returned codes, it is a long way from perfect. In fact, it can be contended i.e. instrument is genuinely restricted, if not, defective. Optimizing exception(More)
INTRODUCTION Blood volume is an important determinant of the efficacy of the negative feedback mechanisms that maintain blood pressure. However, its effect on time profile and magnitude of the responses remain unstudied. AIM To study the effect of mild hypovolemia on time profiles and magnitude of changes in blood pressure and heart rate in healthy(More)
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