Akanksha Tyagi

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Smart grid is a multidisciplinary area that integrates various aspects of power monitoring and control with wireless communication. One of these aspects is data analysis and decision making based on load management strategies. In this paper, a load management scheme is implemented by selective switching of loads in every consumer premises without shedding(More)
This paper presents the modeling and analysis of a voltage source converter (VSC) based back-to-back (BTB) HVDC link. The case study considers the response to changes in the active and reactive power and disturbance caused by single line to ground (SLG) fault. The controllers at each terminal are designed to inject a variable (magnitude and phase angle)(More)
yield enhancement is a quintessential objective of the semiconductor industry. With diminishing feature size and increasing chip area, the amount of “functional” silicon on a chip is too expensive to discard in the event of shortand open-circuit faults. Designing chips with high tolerance against faults, therefore, holds a great promise for profitable(More)
A new catalytic route for the lactonization of diols was developed by using a metal-loaded TiO2 photocatalyst. In particular, Pt-loaded rutile TiO2 exhibited a high photocatalytic activity with high selectivity. In addition, it was found that a heterogeneous acid catalyst can accelerate this photocatalytic lactonization.
The revenue maximization problem of service provider is considered and different pricing schemes to solve the above problem are implemented. The service provider can choose an apt pricing scheme subjected to limited resources, if he knows the utility function and identity of the user. The complete price differentiation can achieve a large revenue gain but(More)
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