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Synthesis of chitosan based nanoparticles and their in vitro evaluation against phytopathogenic fungi.
The main aim of present study was to prepare chitosan, chitosan-saponin and Cu-chitosan nanoparticles to evaluate their in vitro antifungal activities. Various nanoparticles were prepared using ionicExpand
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Heavy metal bioleaching and sludge stabilization in a single-stage reactor using indigenous acidophilic heterotrophs
ABSTRACT Simultaneous sludge digestion and metal leaching (SSDML) have been reported at mesophilic temperature. It is generally perceived that while sludge stabilization is effected by heterotrophsExpand
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Decontamination of heavy metal laden sewage sludge with simultaneous solids reduction using thermophilic sulfur and ferrous oxidizing species.
A possibility of using simultaneous sewage sludge digestion and metal leaching (SSDML) process at the thermophilic temperature to remove heavy metals and suspended solids from sewage sludge isExpand
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