Akane Imai

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Vesicular transmitter release from astrocytes influences neuronal development, function and plasticity. However, secretory pathways and the involved molecular mechanisms in astroglial cells are poorly known. In this study, we show that a variety of SNARE and Munc18 isoforms are expressed by cultured astrocytes, with syntaxin-4, Munc18c, SNAP-23 and VAMP-3(More)
In mouse parotid glands, we found expression of skeletal muscle actin (actin-α1) protein and mRNA. We isolated myoepithelial cells from the mouse parotid glands and investigated their actin-α1 expression because smooth muscle actin (actin-α2) has been used as a marker for myoepithelial cells. We used actin-α1 expression to identify pathological changes in(More)
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