Akakpo Agbago

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This paper describes the participation of the Portage team at NRC Canada in the shared task of ACL 2005 Workshop on Building and Using Parallel Texts. We discuss Portage, a statistical phrase-based machine translation system, and present experimental results on the four language pairs of the shared task. First, we focus on the French-English task using(More)
This paper presents a truecasing technique that is, a technique for restoring the normal case form to an all lowercased or partially cased text. The technique uses a combination of statistical components, including an N-gram language model, a case mapping model, and a specialized language model for unknown words. The system is also capable of distinguishing(More)
A three-stage architecture for speech recognition is presented; it includes preprocessing, phoneme recognition, and natural language postprocessor. Within this context of phoneme-based utterance recognition, the paper focuses on the often problematic speed of the second stage and reengineers a standard two-level-dynamic-programming (TLDP) approach to(More)
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