Ak Sullivan

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OBJECTIVES The aim of the paper was to describe the association of religion with HIV outcomes in newly diagnosed Africans living in London. METHODS A survey of newly diagnosed HIV-positive Africans attending 15 HIV treatment centres across London was carried out between April 2004 and February 2006. Confidential self-completed questionnaires were used,(More)
European guidelines recommend the routine offer of an HIV test in patients with a number of AIDS-defining and non-AIDS conditions believed to share an association with HIV; so called indicator conditions (IC). Adherence with this guidance across Europe is not known. We audited HIV testing behaviour in patients accessing care for a number of ICs.(More)
The objective of this article is to set the scene for this supplement by presenting and discussing the overall outcomes of the HIV in Europe Copenhagen 2012 Conference and how the HIV in Europe initiative intends to further address challenges and themes raised during the conference.
OBJECTIVES European guidelines recommend HIV testing for individuals presenting with indicator conditions (ICs) including AIDS-defining conditions (ADCs). The extent to which non-HIV specialty guidelines recommend HIV testing in ICs and ADCs is unknown. Our aim was to pilot a methodology in the UK to review specialty guidelines and ascertain if HIV was(More)
of results Of 1388 age-eligible patients admitted, 716 (52%) were approached. 163 (23%) were clinically ineligible to test. Of the 552 patients offered an HIV test, 383 accepted (Uptake: 69%). Four patients were newly diagnosed as HIV positive (1.04% [95%CI: 0.29 — 2.66%]) and all were transferred to care. A further two individuals were diagnosed via(More)
OBJECTIVES Levels of undiagnosed HIV infection and late presentation remain high globally despite attempts to increase testing. The objective of this study was to evaluate a risk-based prototype application to prompt HIV testing when patients undergo routine blood tests. METHODS Two computer physician order entry (CPOE) systems were modified using the(More)
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