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BACKGROUND India is one of the seven identified Southeast Asian countries reporting frequent outbreaks of dengue fever (DF). AIMS This study was to analyze clinical and laboratory profile and predictive markers of thrombocytopenia and length of hospital stay in DF. MATERIALS AND METHODS This record-based retrospective study conducted in a coastal(More)
BACKGROUND The effects and benefits of Acacia auriculiformis on health are not well established. This study was planned to evaluate the effect of ethanolic extract of Acacia auriculiformis leaves on learning and memory in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Learning and memory were evaluated using passive avoidance paradigm and rewarded alternation test (T-maze)(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to analyze the adverse drug reaction (ADR) profile of microtubule-damaging antineoplastic drugs (taxanes and vinca alkaloids) and to look for unexpected ADRs among the local population. Focused study on these drugs, rampantly used in oncology department for a wide variety of tumors including early and advanced(More)
(99m)Tc-Methylene diphosphonate (MDP) triple phase bone scintigraphy (BS) has a role in early diagnosis of Kienbock's disease, especially when the X-ray is negative. Early diagnosis can result in prompt management of the patient since wrist pain in older individuals due to aging may go unnoticed or be due to other diagnoses with the production of greater(More)
PURPOSE Studies regarding pattern of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in cancer chemotherapy patients are scarce in India. This study was conducted to evaluate the pattern of occurrence of ADRs due to cancer chemotherapy in hospitalized patients and to assess the causality, severity, predictability, and preventability of these reactions. MATERIALS AND(More)
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