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One hundred and twenty three children with difficult to control epilepsy (DCE) were studied. Etiological factors which predominated included an age of onset less than 2 years (71.5%), male sex (69%), mixed, secondarily generalized, or complex partial seizures (77%), mental retardation (64%) and neurological abnormalities (52%). Static neurological disease(More)
Breast milk has been reported to ameliorate the severity and outcome of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). The mechanism of this beneficial effect of breast milk on NAS remains unclear, as the negligible amount of methadone transmitted via breast milk is unlikely to have an impact on NAS. The aim of this study was to compare the impact of different feeding(More)
Midfoot Charcot collapse commonly occurs through the tarsometatarsal and/or midtarsal joints, which creates the characteristic "rocker bottom" deformity. Intramedullary metatarsal fixation spanning the tarsus into the talus and/or calcaneus is a recently developed method for addressing unstable midfoot Charcot deformity. The intramedullary foot fixation(More)
AIMS Total wrist arthrodesis (TWA) produces a spectrum of outcomes. We investigated this by reviewing 77 consecutive TWA performed for inflammatory and post-traumatic arthropathies, wrist instability and as a salvage procedure. PATIENTS AND METHODS All operations were performed by a single surgeon using a specifically designed pre-contoured dorsally(More)
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