Ajith S Jayasena

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INTRODUCTION Vespa affinis is a hornet widely distributed in Sri Lanka and it is responsible for the highest number of deaths related to Hymenoptera stings. Apart from the early reactions, victims often die in hospital many hours later due to complications such as myocardial infarction and multiple organ failure. Increased microvascular permeability and(More)
Delayed sequelae after pressure on the neck are rare. Awareness of such sequelae as well as a high degree of suspicion is essential for early detection and proper clinical management. Injuries to the common carotid artery and pseudo aneurysm formation leading to fatal hemorrhage are still rare occurrences after attempts of manual strangulation. When such(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate gender-wise diversity of digital dermatoglyphic traits in a sample of Sinhalese people in Sri Lanka. Four thousand and thirty-four digital prints of 434 Sinhalese individuals (217 males and 217 females) were examined for their digital dermatoglyphic pattern distribution. The mean age for the entire group was 23.66(More)
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