Ajita S. Prabhu

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We propose here a novel method of analysing turbulent momentum flux signals. The data for the analysis come from a nearly neutral atmospheric boundary layer and are taken at a height of 4m above ground corresponding to 1.1 x 10(5) wall units, within the log layer for the mean velocity. The method of analysis involves examining the instantaneous flux(More)
BACKGROUND Bioprosthetics derived from human or porcine dermis and intestinal submucosa have dense, homogenous, aporous collagen structures that potentially limit cellular penetration, undermining the theoretical benefit of a "natural" collagen scaffold. We hypothesized that Miromesh-a novel prosthetic derived from porcine liver by perfusion(More)
BACKGROUND Proficiency-based simulator training in laparoscopic suturing leads to improved operative performance, but the skill transfer is incomplete. The objective of this study was to examine the stress level of trainees during the transition from the simulator to the operating room (OR) and its impact on performance. METHODS Novices (n = 20) were(More)
Parastomal hernias (PHs) are frequent complications of enterostomies. We aimed to evaluate our outcomes of open PH repair with retromuscular mesh reinforcement. From 2006 to 2013, 48 parastomal hernias were repaired in 46 consecutive patients undergoing open retromuscular repair. Surgical technique included stoma relocation, retromuscular dissection,(More)
INTRODUCTION Increased workload during task performance may increase fatigue and facilitate errors. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration-Task Load Index (NASA-TLX) is a previously validated tool for workload self-assessment. We assessed the relationship of workload and performance during simulator training on a complex laparoscopic task. (More)
BACKGROUND Prior research suggests that hierarchy in medicine may impact communication and patient safety. This study examined the factors that influence surgical trainees in expressing their opinion in the operating room and the consequences this might have on patient safety. METHODS An anonymous survey of general surgery, gynecology, and orthopedic(More)
BACKGROUND Repair of hernias with loss of domain can lead to elevated intraabdominal pressure. The authors aimed to characterize the effects of elective hernia repair on intraabdominal pressure, as well as its predictors and association with negative outcomes. METHODS Patients undergoing elective hernia repair requiring myofascial release had(More)
While several patient and operative variables have been shown to be associated with an increased risk of postoperative wound events, the association between surgical hat type worn by surgeons and postoperative wound events remains controversial. The purpose of this study is to investigate the association between type of surgical hat worn by surgeons and the(More)
BACKGROUND Naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides are possibly the "next frontier" in infection prevention. Binding them to mesh could reduce the rate of mesh infections. This study identifies an antimicrobial agent capable of significant antibacterial activity when bound to mesh. METHODS Lysozyme, human beta defensin (HBD-3), human cathelicidin(More)
Obesity is a major risk factor for perioperative morbidity, especially for patients undergoing complex incisional hernia repair. The feasibility and effectiveness of medical weight loss programs prior to complex abdominal wall reconstruction have not been well characterized. Here, we report our experience collaborating with a medical weight loss specialist(More)