Ajita Chakraborty

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BACKGROUND Major international studies on course and outcome of schizophrenia suggest a better prognosis in the rural world and in low-income nations. Industrialization is thought to result in increased stigma for mental illness, which in turn is thought to worsen prognosis. The lack of an ethnographically derived and cross-culturally valid measure of(More)
H. P. C., Hindu, male, aged 70 years, was admitted in the Carmichael Hospital for Tropical Diseases, on 24th May, 1952 with bullous eruptions without any sign of inflammatory reaction on the trunk and extremities. The bullae were of different sizes, varying from 1/3 inch to lJr inch in diameter, mostly on the back and lower extremities some on the chest and(More)
On graded hydrolysis and Smith degradation, the O-somatic polysaccharide isolated from Shigella dysenteriae type 10 bacteria yielded four oligosaccharides which were characterized by methylation studies. Immunochemical studies using constituent monosaccharides and the oligosaccharides indicated that the sugar grouping leads to 3)-ManNAc-(1 leads to(More)
Ringworm is by far the most important animal skin disease transmissible to man. About 27 per cent of all dermatophytosis are due to species which are parasites of the lower animals and though the treatment of this kind of infection is usually simpler than that caused by anthropophilic species, the control of this infection in animals presents a special(More)