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In this paper, the design, implementation and characterization of a continuous time transimpedance-based ASIC for the actuation and sensing of a highMEMS tuning fork gyroscope (TFG) is presented. A T-network transimpedance amplifier (TIA) is used as the front-end for low-noise, sub-atto-Farad capacitive detection. The T-network TIA provides on-chip(More)
A small drug molecule, L-DOPA, was converted into well-defined dendritic macromolecules. Their monodisperse nature was shown by NMR, MALDI-TOF-MS, and PAGE. A third-generation L-Dopa dendrimer contained 30 L-Dopa residues, which made up its core, branches, and periphery. Individual L-Dopa moieties in the dendrimer were connected to one another via(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of an in-plane solid-mass single-crystal silicon tuning fork gyro that has the potential of attaining sub-deg/hr rate resolutions. A design is devised to achieve high Q in the drive and sense resonant modes (Qdrive=81,000 and Qsense=64,000) with effective mode decoupling. The gyroscope was fabricated on 40μm(More)
A simple, inexpensive, and rapid electrophoresis technique was developed for use as a routine tool for evaluating purity of polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers. A variety of factors influencing migration of generations 0-7 dendrimers on nongradient polyacrylamide gels were evaluated. The low generation dendrimers were found to be very sensitive to diffusion(More)
Cyclodextrins (CDs), in the presence or absence of detergents, have been reported to suppress aggregate formation during the refolding of a number of proteins. A structure-activity relationship study between CD chemistry and refolding of lysozyme was performed and compared to carbonic anhydrase, in order to better understand the mechanism of CD-assisted(More)
The effect of solvent conditions on the aggregation of IgM in serum specimens from patients with macroglobulinemia was studied by a turbidimetric procedure. Aggregation of IgM varied considerably among the samples and was affected by a number of experimental parameters. In general, IgM aggregation was more pronounced under acidic conditions and in solvents(More)
In this paper, we report on the design, fabrication, and characterization of an in-plane mode-matched tuning-fork gyroscope (M-TFG). The M-TFG uses two high-quality-factor (Q) resonant flexural modes of a single crystalline silicon microstructure to detect angular rate about the normal axis. Operating the device under mode-matched condition, i.e.,(More)
A simple spectrophotometric method for the sequential determination of triglycerides and cholesterol from a single serum sample was developed. In this two-stage procedure, the triglycerides and cholesterol esters are first hydrolysed to glycerol and free cholesterol respectively, with simultaneous scavenging of the liberated free fatty acids, a technique(More)
We report on the design, fabrication and characterization of a novel multiple-shell silicon vibratory microgyroscope. The resonating star gyroscope (RSG) is formed as a merged superposition of two square shells, yielding in-plane flexural modes that are utilized to sense rotation along the normal axis. The first prototypes of the single-shell RSG were(More)
This paper presents an architecture that utilizes the often ignored residual quadrature error in a gyroscope to achieve and maintain perfect mode-matching, i.e., ~ 0Hz split between the drive and sense mode frequencies, as well as electronically control the sensor bandwidth. A 6mW, 3V CMOS ASIC and control algorithm have been interfaced with a 60μm thick(More)