Ajit Kumar Yadav

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Surfactant proteins A and D have extra-pulmonary expression at various mucosal sites including the reproductive tract. Reproductive tissues require a fine immune balance, strong enough to keep infection at a bay and at the same time, subtle enough to support an allogeneic fetus throughout the pregnancy. Roles of SP-A and SP-D have been studied in depth and(More)
Surfactant Protein SP-D, a member of the collectin family, is a pattern recognition protein, secreted by mucosal epithelial cells and has an important role in innate immunity against various pathogens. In this study, we confirm that native human SP-D and a recombinant fragment of human SP-D (rhSP-D) bind to gp120 of HIV-1 and significantly inhibit viral(More)
Collectins, collagen-containing Ca(2+) dependent C-type lectins and a class of secretory proteins including SP-A, SP-D and MBL, are integral to immunomodulation and innate immune defense. In the present study, we aimed to investigate their placental transcript synthesis, labor associated differential expression and localization at feto-maternal interface,(More)
Surfactant protein D (SP-D), an innate immune molecule, has an indispensable role in host defense and regulation of inflammation. Immune related functions regulated by SP-D include agglutination of pathogens, phagocytosis, oxidative burst, antigen presentation, T lymphocyte proliferation, cytokine secretion, induction of apoptosis and clearance of apoptotic(More)
Uttar Pradesh is India's most populous state with a population of 200 million. Any change in its fertility and mortality is bound to bring change at the national level. This study analysed the burden of disease in the state by calculating the disability-adjusted life year (DALY) for infectious and non-communicable diseases. Data were from two rounds (52nd(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess household amenities in districts of high focus states and their association with child health in India. DESIGN The data for the study are extracted from Annual Health Survey (AHS) and Census 2011. SETTINGS Districts in high focus states in India. PARTICIPANTS Information regarding children below 5 years of age and women aged 15-49(More)
Transdermal patch is a medicated adhesive patch that is placed on the skin to deliver the drug through the skin in order to achieve systemic absorption of drug at a predetermined rate over a prolonged period of time. Its main advantages includes controlled drug release with minimum side effects, improved bioavailability, bypass first pass metabolism and(More)
Methods For countries without high-quality vital registration data, we estimated prevalence and incidence with data from antenatal care clinics and population-based seroprevalence surveys, and with assumptions by age and sex on initial CD4 distribution at infection, CD4 progression rates (probability of progression from higher to lower CD4 cell-count(More)
An accurate, specific and precise UV spectrophotometric method was developed for the simultaneous determination of naproxen (NAP) and domperidone (DOM) in tablet dosage form. The optimum conditions for the analysis of the drug were established. The maximum wavelength (λmax) was found to be 271 nm for NAP and 287 nm for DOM. The linearity of the proposed(More)
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