Ajit Kumar Srivastava

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Our study was undertaken to determine the influence of sex and the use of oral contraceptive steroids on antipyrine clearance and metabolite formation. Our subjects were eight men (M), eight women (F), and eight women who had been using oral contraceptive steroids (OC) for at least 6 mo; all were healthy. The groups were matched for age and smoking and(More)
Honey-bee bites which require urgent hospitalization is very rare. It is mainly seen as occupational hazards in farmers, tree dwellers and honey collectors. Common clinical presentation includes minor localized reactions in form of swelling and redness sometimes anaphylactic reaction. Infrequent major complications reported from different studies include(More)
OBJECTIVE Endoscopic screening of Barrett's esophagus (BE) for dysplasia is imprecise and controversial. Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) allows a detailed circumferential image of the esophageal wall. Our objective in this study was to assess the utility of EUS for surveillance in Barrett's esophagus. METHODS Consecutive patients with proven BE undergoing(More)
The results phaco-emulsification aspiration procedure have been evaluated in 50 cataract patients, by observing the final visual acuity achieved and astigmatic error induced, along with incidence of various operative and post-operative complications. Majority of the patients who did not have serious preoperative complications achieved good vision. The(More)
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