Ajit Kumar Chattopadhyay

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An adjustable-speed drive comprising a slip-ring induction motor and a cycloconverter-type thyristor-commutator in its rotor circuit has been developed. The thyristor-commutator acts as a frequency-changer like a conventional commutator in a stator-fed ac commutator motor, converting line-frequency injected voltages directly to slip-frequency at the rotor(More)
A digital computer method of analyzing a complex variable-frequency drive system comprising a three-phase induction motor and a phase-controlled thyristor cycloconverter is presented. A generalized set of performance equations in d-q axes representation is first developed for the induction motor with thyristor switchings in the source taking into account(More)
A comprehensive digital computer-based analysis using a state-space model which predicts the performance of a dc series motor controlled by a multiphase chopper is presented. The analysis is based on the formulation of system equations in multivariable state-space form and takes into account the nonlinear magnetization curve and the variation of field(More)
An attempt to obtain directly the steady state performance of a phase-controlled cycloconverter-induction motor system by using state-variable techniques is presented. State-variable approach is used to generate without iteration, the unique set of initial conditions which will yield the steady state solutions instead of going through the transient state as(More)
A microprocessor-based state feedback control of a single-phase thyristor bridge/dc motor drive system is presented. Considering the drive system as a regulator problem in multivariable system theory, suitable control laws are developed using a state space model and applying a pole placement technique for fast regulation coupled with system stability by(More)
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