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Electronic Integration and Business Network Redesign: A RolesLinkage Model Ajit Kambil and James E. Short Electronic integration the use of information technology to re-engineer key business processes and business relations, enables new forms of organization that transcend traditional industry and firm boundaries. Indeed the electronic integration(More)
T h s paper specifies a generalizable model of exchange processes and develops a process-stakeholder analysis framework to evaluate alternative market designs. This framework is applied to analyze a number of information technology initiatives in the Dutch flower markets. The Dutch flower auctions are the world's leading centers for trading cut-flowers and(More)
Difficulties with web-based full text information retrieval (IR) systems include spurious matches, manually intensive document sifting, and the absence of communication or coordination between users. Furthermore, it is not clear how to best design a Computer-Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) system which possesses coordination mechanisms in the inherently(More)
Virtually every brick-and-mortar firm has a Web site today, but this has not always been the case. Some companies quickly established a Web presence with thousands of pages of information available on their sites and even early e-commerce features. Others started with a simple Web site establishing a “front window” on the Web. Some companies did not appear(More)
Ajit Kambil and Eric van Heck’s book Making Markets discusses online auctions and exchanges based on the very broad and long-term experiences of the two authors. Making Markets focuses on the pragmatic and emerging applications of markets and the factors that lead to their successful deployment in creating business value rather than on either theoretical(More)