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Clustering is an efficient method for increasing the lifetime of wireless sensor network systems. The current clustering algorithms generate clusters of almost equal size. This will cause ―hot spot‖ problem in multi-hop sensor networks. In this paper an energy efficient varying sized clustering algorithm (EEVSCA) and routing protocol are introduced for(More)
The editorial team of Pharmaceutical Research wishes to acknowledge the vital role played by the scientists, whose names appear in this and the next few pages, in keeping the quality of the journal high. Their commitment to excellence is admirable and very much appreciated by members of the pharmaceutical community. Special recognition goes to the seven(More)
The problem of designing linear transmits signaling strategies for the multiple inputs, multiple output (MIMO) interference channel is considered. One of the first algorithms inspired by Interference alignment (IA) is Minimum Leakage Algorithm (Min Leakage Algorithm) for the MIMO Interference Channel. Iterative algorithm, Max SINR, was proposed in [5] that(More)
Clustering is an efficient method for increasing the lifetime of wireless sensor network systems.The energy consumption associated with the cluster based wireless sensor network systems is more inconsistent. This imbalance in the energy consumption is due to the non-uniform node distribution. To avoid this problem, introduce a cluster based routing protocol(More)
The Data could be provided from the MAC Layer to the Security Sub Layer that is going to be designed & simulated. In this paper the security sublayer will provide subscribers with total privacy across the fixed broadband wireless network. This is done by encrypting connections between Subscriber Station (SS) and Base Station (BS). Also, strong protection(More)
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