Ajit Garde

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21 patients studied had persistent or progressive chronic meningitis not associated with a demonstrable infectious or other disease, except Streptococcus milleri antigen in the cerebrospinal fluid of 1 patient. The cerebrospinal-fluid (CSF) abnormalities consisted of a moderate, predominantly mononuclear, pleocytosis, a sharp rise in CSF protein (mean 2.3(More)
100 consecutive cases of spontaneous intracerebral haematomas are reported, all examined by computerized tomography (CT). Exact siting of the haemorrhages was obtained, their expansion and volumes were calculated. 36 patients were operated upon. 63 survivors were followed up in respect of disablement and social rehabilitation. Almost half of the haematomas(More)
Treatment with an anticoagulant (AC) or acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), chosen at random, was given to 241 patients with symptoms of carotid transient attacks of ischemia, some of whom recovered completely within 24 hours (TIA) while the others had slight residual symptoms (TIA-IR). Cerebral infarction was recorded in 4 patients in each of these treatment(More)
The use of a Rhys-Davies (R-D) mechanical exsanguinator prior to the application of tourniquet is routine clinical practice in knee arthroscopy. However, this technique has been reported to cause injuries and is contraindicated in conditions like malignancy and latex allergy. Lower limb elevation alone has also been described as a technique of(More)
Total knee arthroplasty performed under spinal or general anesthesia is a common successful orthopedic procedure. Nonetheless, in patients with diabetes mellitus this procedure can present unique challenges to orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist alike. We describe a case of an elderly male diabetic patient who developed bilaterally symmetrical lower(More)
Clinical, treatment and laboratory parameters were analyzed in 46 consecutive Swedish patients with Borrelia infections of the nervous system. The importance of age in the clinical symptoms, the wide spectrum of disease, and the chronic behaviour of the Borrelia infection of the nervous system was stressed, as well as the benefit of high-dose intravenous(More)
Oestrus ovis or 'sheep botfly' causes common ophthalmomyiasis in warm climates. It is a self-limited infestation with symptoms such as foreign body sensation and/or tearing. The larvae can be observed in the conjunctiva and should be extracted with forceps. The development of larvae beyond the first stage does not occur in healthy humans, although they may(More)
The case-records of 350 outpatients treated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors have been reviewed. All patients presented with depression, obsessions or phobias. About two-thirds benefited from the drugs, particularly after other treatments (including psychotropic drugs, seismotherapy, psychotherapy and internment) had failed. With the moderate doses(More)