Ajit G Kulkarni

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Watermarking is a technique of embedding a secret message in a cover message. When media is watermarked the secret message is usually a copyright notice. Watermarking thus discourages intellectual property theft and helps us to prove ownership when such a theft occurs. This survey paper describes Digital Watermarking in detail and explains theory,(More)
BACKGROUND Dengue is a global arboviral threat to humans; causing 390 million infections per year. The availability of safe and effective tetravalent dengue vaccine is a global requirement to prevent epidemics, morbidity, and mortality associated with it. METHODS Five experimental groups (6 mice per group) each of 5-week-old BALB/c mice were immunized(More)
The Cell Broadband engine has shown potential to achieve an impressive level of performance for scientific applications. This level of performance is achieved through several dimensions of parallelism like thread level parallelism using synergistic processing elements, vector parallelism in the form of 128-bit SIMD operations and pipeline parallelism by(More)
The IP layer has been the preferred protocol layer for implementing Multicast related functionality. End System Multicast. was introduced as an alternate way which pushed the functionality of Multicast to the higher level layers (application layer). The Narada protocol is one of those used for implementing End System Multicast and we have implemented that(More)
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