Ajit Devaraj

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A novel center-out 3D trajectory for sampling magnetic resonance data is presented. The trajectory set is based on a single Fermat spiral waveform, which is substantially undersampled in the center of k-space. Multiple trajectories are combined in a "stacked cone" configuration to give very uniform sampling throughout a "hub," which is very efficient in(More)
Timing delays between data acquisition and gradient transmission result in image degradation. This is especially true in spiral MRI, where delays can alter data in a nonuniform manner, generating significant artifact in the reconstructed data. The many methods that exist to mitigate these delays or measure the k-space coordinates require long measurement(More)
Traditionally two-dimensional scans are designed to support an isotropic field-of-view (iFOV). When imaging elongated objects, significant savings in scan time can potentially be achieved by supporting an elliptical field-of-view (eFOV). This work presents an empirical closed-form solution to adapt the PROPELLER trajectory for an eFOV. The proposed solution(More)
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