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Fifteen nonionic surfactants, 10% (w/w), were each incorporated into white petrolatum USP ointment base containing 10% (w/w) salicylic acid or 11.6% (w/w) sodium salicylate with 10% (w/w) dimethyl sulfoxide. Percutaneous absorption was determined from blood salicylate levels in New Zealand white rabbits at regular intervals for 8 hr following application of(More)
Eight nonionic surface-active agents were each incorporated at a concentration of 10% into a white petrolatum ointment base containing 10% flufenamic acid with or without dimethyl sulfoxide. Percutaneous absorption was studied by determining the plasma concentration of flufenamic acid in New Zealand White rabbits at regular intervals for 8 hr following(More)
Main goal of steganography is to communicate securely in a completely undetectable manner. It is an art of hiding secret data in an innocently looking dummy container. In the Steganographic process, communication is masked to make the hidden message not discernible to the observer. Hidden message may be textual or image. In this paper, a novel image(More)
In this paper we propose a novel statistical face recognition method that uses a new multiresolution analysis called Shearlet transform for facial texture features representation. In recent years Shearlet transform has emerged as the most successful framework for the efficient representation of multidimensional data in which directional information is(More)
Image Steganography using Discrete Wavelet Transform(DWT) and Hybrid Wavelet Transform, the secret image is first compressed using hybrid wavelet transform and then encrypted and embedded in frequency domain. The network bandwidth can be saved by compressing the secrete image with out compromising in the quality of the secret image. The cover and secret(More)
In this paper, a novel method developed for classification of arecanuts based on texture features. A Gabor response co-occurrence matrix (GRCM) is constructed analogous to Gray Level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM). Classification is done using kNN and Decision Tree (DT) classifier based on GRCM features. There are twelve Gabor filters are designed (Four(More)