Ajinkya Shriram Joshi

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We have determined the three-dimensional structure of a two-disulfide intermediate (Cys(8)-Cys(20), Cys(14)-Cys(26)) on the oxidative folding pathway of the cyclotide MCoTI-II. Cyclotides have a range of bioactivities and, because of their exceptional stability, have been proposed as potential molecular scaffolds for drug design applications. The(More)
A semi-automated imaging system is described to quantitate estrogen and progesterone receptor immunoreactivity in human breast cancer. The system works for any conventional method of image acquisition using microscopic slides that have been processed for immunohistochemical analysis of the estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor. Estrogen receptor and(More)
Robots are playing a vital role in today’s industrial automation and monitoring system. As technology developed these robots have increased their applications and functionality. Working robots will cooperate to the people makes the work more Effortless and uncomplicated. This paper provides 4 different gestures for controlling the robots, i.e., forward,(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the merits of a coloured paste applied to cows as an aid to heat detection in a dairy herd. It was performed on 110 French Friesian cows under a loose housing system over one year. For comparison, the results of the previous year, with no paste application, were also computed. Results of heat detection by the(More)
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