Ajinkya Kulkarni

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Iron reduction in subseafloor sulfate-depleted and methane-rich marine sediments is currently a subject of interest in subsurface geomicrobiology. While iron reduction and microorganisms involved have been well studied in marine surface sediments, little is known about microorganisms responsible for iron reduction in deep methanic sediments. Here, we used(More)
Various miniaturized computing devices that store our identities are emerging rapidly. They allow our identity information to be easily exposed and accessed via wireless networks. When identity information is associated with our personal and context information that is gathered by ubiquitous computing devices, personal privacy might be unprecedentedly(More)
The rhizobial community indigenous to the Okavango region has not yet been characterized. The isolation of indigenous rhizobia can provide a basis for the formulation of a rhizobial inoculant. Moreover, their identification and characterization contribute to the general understanding of species distribution and ecology. Isolates were obtained from nodules(More)
Pervasive computing environments consist of thousands of heterogeneous devices and network services. Service discovery protocols provide essential functionalities for users and client devices to discover and access services. Most existing protocols, however, only support discovery via static service attributes. Dynamic information such as service(More)
One of the continuing challenges in any Earth science investigation is the discovery and access of useful science content from the increasingly large volumes of Earth science data and related information available online. Current Earth science data systems are designed with the assumption that researchers access data primarily by instrument or geophysical(More)
Fig. 1. Large signal package model of CGH40010F constructed from datasheet. Fig. 2. Linear region of amplifier is defined by 1-dB compression point after which 1 dB compression is observed, it comes around 29.86 dBm. Abstract-The new topology for high power and excellent harmonic response power amplifier is presented in this paper. GaN HEMT class F power(More)