Ajeet Rohatgi

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The traditional approach in electric power generation is to have centralized plants distributing electricity through an extensive transmission & distribution network. Distributed generation (DG) provides electric power at a site closer to the customer, eliminating the unnecessary transmission and distribution costs. In addition, it can reduce fossil fuel(More)
Traditional Czochralski grown Si solar cells are known to suffer from light induced degradation (LID) which adversely affects the minority carrier lifetime. Multi-crystalline Si has also been shown to show a similar degradation/recovery cycle after a phosphorus gettering step. In this paper, promising ribbon and cast multi-crystalline Si are examined for(More)
  • Vanessa Pogue, Shreyes Melkote, Advisor, Steven Danyluk, Ajeet Rohatgi, Vijay Yelundur
  • 2016
This thesis is dedicated to my grandfather, Lee McCulley iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would first like to express my sincere gratitude to my adviser, Dr. Shreyes Melkote for his continued support of the research necessary for this thesis. I also would like to acknowledge and thank the other members of my committee for their help and commitment: Dr. Steven Danyluk(More)
Placement of protection devices in a conventional feeder (without distributed generation) is often performed so as to minimize traditional reliability indices (SAIDI, SAIFI, MAIFIe…), assuming the sole source(s) of energy at substation(s). Distributed generation (DG) and storage units located on the feeder may be constrained in terms of power and/or energy(More)
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