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Next Generation Networks (NGN) are the future of communication which will provide each and every service over the same network. The network will only act as a bit highway or a packet highway, forwarding packets of each and every kind over the internet protocol or IP. NGN already on the implementation phase is not a new network but focuses on the replacement(More)
The sudden increase of information in recent years has given rise to the issue of managing the vast amount of information in a systematic manner. For this purpose, a web-portal provides a suitable means to publish information in an organized manner for easier access and comprehension. It enables the efficient creation, editing and retrieval of data and(More)
One of the main issues with Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP) is slow handovers. Mobility protocols are classified as micro or macro depending on the domain of the network. When macro mobility protocols are used in managing localized mobility requirements, they result in slow handovers and delays that result in loss of packets and make these protocols(More)
Even though plenty of information is available on the Internet, still there is too little useful information there. For the Internet user one of the important parameter of the network is the speed of the retrieval of files. Since internet is rapidly evolving, new information gets added and modified continuously, thus there is the need to sort, organize and(More)
19 Exploring the extent of ICT adoption among Secondary school teachers In Malaysia Every issue of the journal will carry one or more book reviews. This is a call for reviewers of books. The book reviewed must be of interest to the readers of the journal. That is to say, the book must be within the areas the journal covers. The reviews must be no more than(More)
Internet Protocol (IP) multicast offers a scalable multipoint delivery necessary for multimedia communication on the Internet. Source Specific Multicast has been seen as a scalable solution for the implementation of multicast in networks. Performance analysis of Source Specific Multicast based on various network performance metrics such as bandwidth, delay,(More)
The emergence of next generation protocol (IPv6) and MPLS has been seen as technologies that will drive the next generation networks. Together with Traffic Engineering (TE), Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for high bandwidth consuming flows as well as optimization of network performance can be achieved. Traffic engineering delivers the traffic flows(More)
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