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Murrels (Perciformes; Channidei; Channidae) are unique group of freshwater air breathing fishes having a confined distribution to African and Asian continents. The phylogenetic relationship among eight Channid species viz. Channa aurantimaculata, Channa bleheri, Channa diplogramma, Channa gachua, Channa marulius, Channa punctatus, Channa stewartii and(More)
OBJECTIVES Diabetes mellitus (DM), is affecting an ever increasing number of people worldwide. Diabetes is associated with several musculoskeletal manifestations. These may involve, the upper as well as the lower limb. We conducted this study to find out the prevalence of musculoskeletal problems in type 2 diabetics in the Kashmiri population. METHODOLOGY(More)
Induction heating furnaces are employed for vacuum distillation process to recover and consolidate heavy metals after electrorefining operation. Induction heating furnaces of suitable heating rates are required to be developed for this purpose. Hence it is planned to set up a mock-up induction furnace which will simulate the conditions to be realized in(More)
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