Ajay Ummat

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Restriction enzymes share little or no sequence homology with the exception of isoschizomers, or enzymes that recognize and cleave the same DNA sequence. We present here the structure of a BamHI isoschizomer, OkrAI, bound to the same DNA sequence (TATGGATCCATA) as that cocrystallized with BamHI. We show that OkrAI is a more minimal version of BamHI, lacking(More)
A major clinical problem in the use of cisplatin to treat cancers is tumor resistance. DNA polymerase η (Pol-η) is a crucial polymerase that allows cancer cells to cope with the cisplatin-DNA adducts that are formed during chemotherapy. We present here a structure of human Pol-η inserting deoxycytidine triphosphate (dCTP) opposite a cisplatin intrastrand(More)
This paper describes novel concepts of space bionanorobotic systems that are based on revolutionary bio-nano-mechanisms formed by protein and DNA based nano-components. Nano-robots are controllable machines at the nano (10-9) meter or molecular scale that are composed of nano-scale components. With the modern scientific capabilities, it has become possible(More)
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