Ajay Sivaramakrishnan

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Quantal analysis has been applied to the inhibitory synapses made by single spiking local interneurons onto several nonspiking local interneurons (and motorneurons) in the locust CNS. Transmission at these synapses appears to be mediated by GABA. The apparent reversal potential of the IPSP and inhibitory postsynaptic current were -80 to -85 mV, a value(More)
We present a new method for numerical propagation through Lyot-style coronagraphs using finite occulting masks. Standard methods for coronagraphic simulations involve Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) of very large arrays, and computing power is an issue for the design and tolerancing of coronagraphs on segmented Extremely Large Telescopes (ELT) in order to(More)
RF energy harvesting holds a promise able future for generating a small amount of electrical power to drive partial circuits in wirelessly communicating electronics devices. RF power harvesting is one of the diverse fields where still research continues. The energy of RF waves used by devices can be harvested and used to operate in more effective and(More)
Directly detecting thermal emission from young extrasolar planets allows measurement of their atmospheric compositions and luminosities, which are influenced by their formation mechanisms. Using the Gemini Planet Imager, we discovered a planet orbiting the ~20-million-year-old star 51 Eridani at a projected separation of 13 astronomical units. Near-infrared(More)
A wavefront sensing detector array is presented with capabilities suited towards high-order adaptive optics systems. The phase of the wavefront is sensed by modulating and synchronously sampling the fringes of a white light interferogram imaged onto the array. The nature of the modulation is characterized by a voltage signal, which is delivered as an input(More)
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