Ajay Siva Santosh Reddy

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Box-office performance of a movie is mainly determined by the amount the movie collects in the opening weekend and Pre-Release hype is an important factor as far as estimating the openings of the movie are concerned. This can be estimated through user opinions expressed online on sites such as Twitter which is an online micro-blogging site with a user base(More)
Recent experimental studies have shown that intrasynovial donor tendons have the capacity to heal with minimal alteration in the gliding surface when grafted to an intrasynovial location. In order to evaluate the flexor digitorum longus of the foot as a potential matched donor tendon for use in flexor tendon grafting, we dissected 15 feet (75 toes) and 10(More)
With the advent of the World Wide Web and its ease of access to the general public, people who used to depend on word of mouth to get an opinion or review of products are now turning to the web for the same. This paper proposes a method to mine the numerous reviews available online and help the consumer derive a non-ambiguous idea about the product. Bayes'(More)
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