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— Performance of cooperative spectrum sensing with multiple antennas at each cognitive radio (CR) is discussed in this paper. The CRs utilize selection combining of the decision statistics obtained by an improved energy detector for making a binary decision of the presence or absence of a primary user (PU). The improved energy detector uses an arbitrary(More)
BACKGROUND Malaria presents a diagnostic challenge in most tropical countries. Microscopy remains the gold standard for diagnosing malaria infections in clinical practice and research. However, microscopy is labour intensive, requires significant skills and time, which causes therapeutic delays. The objective of obtaining result quickly from the examination(More)
Neurotoxicity in all prion disorders is believed to result from the accumulation of PrP-scrapie (PrP(Sc)), a beta-sheet rich isoform of a normal cell-surface glycoprotein, the prion protein (PrP(C)). Limited reports suggest imbalance of brain iron homeostasis as a significant associated cause of neurotoxicity in prion-infected cell and mouse models.(More)
Despite overwhelming evidence implicating the prion protein (PrP) in prion disease pathogenesis, the normal function of this cell surface glycoprotein remains unclear. In previous reports we demonstrated that PrP mediates cellular iron uptake and transport, and aggregation of PrP to the disease causing PrP-scrapie (PrP(Sc)) form results in imbalance of iron(More)
  • Ajay Singh, Maradumane L. Mohan, Alfred Orina Isaac, Xiu Luo, Jiri Petrak, Daniel Vyoral +1 other
  • 2009
Converging evidence leaves little doubt that a change in the conformation of prion protein (PrP(C)) from a mainly alpha-helical to a beta-sheet rich PrP-scrapie (PrP(Sc)) form is the main event responsible for prion disease associated neurotoxicity. However, neither the mechanism of toxicity by PrP(Sc), nor the normal function of PrP(C) is entirely clear.(More)
Microbial cellulases have shown their potential application in various industries including pulp and paper, textile, laundry, biofuel production, food and feed industry, brewing, and agriculture. Due to the complexity of enzyme system and immense industrial potential, cellulases have been a potential candidate for research by both the academic and(More)
This paper introduces the concept of an integrated in-strumentation environment (IIE) for multiprocessors. The primary objective of such an environment is to assist the user in the process of experimentation. The emphasis in an IIE is on experiment management (including stimulus generation, monitoring, data collection and analysis), rather than on(More)
Metallic nanoparticles have fascinated scientist for over a century and are now heavily utilized in biomedical sciences and engineering. They are a focus of interest because of their huge potential in nanotechnology. Today these materials can be synthesized and modified with various chemical functional groups which allow them to be conjugated with(More)