Ajay Shanker Singh

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Cloud Computing is an emerging technology which provides on-demand service, and it offers dynamic computing infrastructure and allocation of resources in an optimal way. The users demand to access resources is increasing now-a-day, due to this it becomes very hard to allocate cloud resources efficiently and accurately to the customers that satisfy(More)
Network Management is basically the administration and management of Big Data. The paper tells about the Big Data, the various characteristics of Big Data and the different approaches adopted for their network management. The advantages and disadvantages of open source software product, Hadoop which helps in distributed storage and distributed processing of(More)
Cloud computing is an on-demand growing technology. As we know the nature of cloud is heterogeneous and because of heterogeneous nature of cloud, it becomes very difficult to allocate resources to virtual machines. Using virtualization in cloud computing there is a disruptive change in satisfying the user quality of service (QoS). In this paper we have(More)
The specialty of desktop-as-a-service cloud computing is that user can access their desktop and can execute applications in virtual desktops on remote servers. Resource management and resource utilization are most significant in the area of desktop-as-a-service, cloud computing; however, handling a large amount of clients in the most efficient manner poses(More)
— Cloud Computing, with its great potentials in low cost and on-demand services, is an auspicious computing platform for both commercial and non-commercial computation clients. Cloud Computing aims to provide reliable services within data centres that contain servers, storage and networks. The services are delivered to the users transparently without their(More)
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