Ajay Shankar Shukla

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Efforts to determine a link between diabetes and atherosclerosis have involved examining the effect of high glucose levels on the adhesion and migration of circulating leukocytes, mostly monocytes and T lymphocytes. Leukocyte differentiation and proliferation within the subendothelial space can also be investigated by the use of a 3D in vitro human vascular(More)
In this paper we proposed the method for road extraction. The road extraction involves the two main steps: the detection of road that might have the other non road parts like buildings and parking lots followed by morphological operations to remove the non road parts based on their features. We used the K-Means clustering to detect the road area and may be(More)
As it known that mobile phones has low end configuration so we need memory optimization and network bandwidth reduction. These are very important factor for mobile developer because storage memory is very limited ranging from 64K to 200K bytes and the heap memory is ranging from 200K to500K bytes. The maximum size of application is fixed so we cannot run(More)
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